Thursday, May 20, 2010

My life, our life, together

First, I have to admit I hate blogging...I feel so weird doing it because, we don't have much going on in our lives besides work. However, I have the most amazing husband and I can't honestly over express it! He is a wonderful person both inside and out and we get along better than I ever thought husband and wife could get along. Here are some of the reasons why I know I scored a great guy! ;)

1) He makes me laugh and he has changed my personality from a nasty Sarah to a happy Sarah, who now wants to make every one else laugh!

2) He is my best friend and we pretty much have everything in common in our interests besides weird girl crafts (lol), and he enjoys Politics (blah). We surprisingly usually order the same things at restaurants.

3) He bends over backwards for me and will help me with anything I (nicely) ask him to do. "Nick...can you do me a favor????" My famous words...and he jokingly will always do it!

4) He is a great man who wants to work hard and provide for our family so that I can eventually be a stay home mommy!

5) Last (well... this list will never end of course, but for you sake), he is a worthy Priesthood Leader who has righteous desires and high standards so that we can live a happy, and eternal family.

I love you Nick!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Visting my sister Lisa in Mt. Airy, NC

Nick and I recieved tickets from my brother and my mom as early Birthday presents and as a thank you for watching Zach. We were so grateful because we were afraid we were never going to be able to come out to North Carolina. Nick came out for the first week and I stayed an extra week.
Mayberry- An old saw mill powered by a water wheel. It was later restored so it is a working wheel but unforunatly not a saw mill. We all loved it. It was gorgous!
Lisa, Jackson and Peyton had a great time as well!

Such a pretty view!

Guinea Pigs

First of all I have to apologize because I promised my father-in-law that I would keep our blog updated! I'm sorry Gary! ;) Well alot has gone on since the last time I updated this. Well first of all we got Guinea pigs in February because I was suffering from a great deal of depression because I wasn't able to find a job. We got a tan and white one and the second one was black and white. We named them Duke(brown) and Dexter(black). We fell in love instantly. I have to admitt they were an answer to my prayers. I have delt with Depression for as long as I can remember. Nick has had a great impact on me and has made me happier than I can express. He has helped me open up and express my emotions with him and my deepest fear..with my family.

Anyways, I was having a praticular hard time at this time so Nick and I agreed to purchase two small companions. After much joy and laughter Dexter got sick and eventually passed away a few weeks later from Bacterial Ammonia. This may sound silly to you, but I was heart broken. I cryed for two days. Animals are such special companions and friends. I know Heavenly Father's plan included having animals to help us through the tough times.

Eventually after much wait we finally were able to find another Guinea pig. He is quite different and definitly has a different personality. We named him "ROCKY" because he looks like rocky road ice cream. He has spots and patches of brown, tan, black and white.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A lesson from my amaryllis

Four beautiful, vibrant flowers (with one on the way)

I have been patiently forcing my amaryllis to bloom. I stopped watering it in November and one day in February the crazy thing started sending up shoots. I was shocked because it hasn't been watered since like I said November. I was like man it has some strong will to live! It wanted to send one last flower up, bloom, release its seeds and die. Survival was number one, so it put everything it had into sending up those shoots in tough times, as the drought I was putting it through. This was a great lesson for me because I was like wow, this plant will do anything to survive, even though it had nothing. I try not to be pessimist, because I know I have it better than a lot of people in this world. I have struggled to find a job, but I am so thankful for what I have. I have two wonderful families, great friends, food and roof over my head. What else could I ask for? These tough times have taught me a great lesson. I obviously will able to do anything if I have the drive that my beautiful Amaryllis has. p.s. I did water my plant after it started sending up shoots, it proved its self. :)

Sarah is Graduating from College!

Sarah's cap, tassel, and announcements
This brings a Big Smile to my face :D
My graduating announcements-those were stinking expensive!
For Nick's graduation we are gonna make the majority of his...lesson learned! :)

As many of you know I will soon be graduating! Yay! Although I could have graduated in December, I decided it would be best for family if I walked in April. Thinking about the past I ponder about the first time coming to college. When I was asked when my anticipated graduation was, I like April 2008 (wow what a long ways away!). Well since it took me one more semester, I am still proud of my self for my accomplishments. Now my next big step is Grad school! Nick and I both want to go onto grad school. I picked up this packet and so I am ready to study for the test and start school in January of 10'.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

funny moment

Tonight I was driving home and I was stopped (waiting for the light)at the intersection of US-26 and I saw something move in the corner of my eye. I looked over to my left and I see this little black thing. I thought it was trash so I continued to stare glazed over at the forever non changing light. Then I saw it again and I was like what is that?! I stared at it and it started doing circles and then would stop and move again. Once I realized what it was I very surprised. A little black mouse (or brown) was running across four lanes of traffic (going about 55 mph). I thought to my self wow no can tell me rodents aren't smart! haha sorry for the randomness but I thought it was neat and I wanted to share. :) lots of love, Sarah

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sarah's hair cut

Before: Should I cut it? I'm afraid!!
Ah who cares it's just hair!
After shots: The night I discovered curls. lol
Nick likes it as well!
I LOVE it curly! I don't like doing it too often because I burn my neck with the rod!!
This is the back.

So my whole life everyone has always told me to never cut my beautiful blond hair. Over the years it has gradually gotten shorter. I don't think I realized that I always wanted it short but everyone kept me from doing it. So I cut it off. oooops my bad!